Gutters play a major role in the water drainage around your home or business.  Leaking or improperly pitched gutters can wreak havoc on the buildings components causing wood rot and foundation issues.  Here are some indications that gutter replacement should be considered:

Leaking from joints

Rust on galvanized steel gutters

Sagging or bent gutters

Water overflowing over gutters

Water flowing behind gutters

These are just a few indications that your gutters should be evaluated to determine if the gutters should be replaced or repaired.  To schedule your free evaluation, call today!  

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Let's face it, gutters are not exciting.  They are usually not on the top of the priority list either.  Most of the time we never notice them until water is pouring over the gutter or leaking from the seams.  Gutters are designed to divert water from the roof and away from the home or business.  Without gutters, your siding and foundation don't stand a chance.  Aluminum seamless gutters are the solution.  These low maintenance gutters are installed using a hangar type system and not the old gutter spike type.  They are the perfect compliment to a home or business and add a tremendous amount of curb appeal! Let the experts at Contour Roofing evaluate your gutters today and bring a fresh new look to your home and business!


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